Welcome to picmybug.com from namwuob!

Let’s identify creatures I found in gardens, parks, forests, even in cities, underwater in reefs! Read here why my ID’s from photos can never be 100% correct. Still I’ll try to dedicate the most likely scientific name to the animals.

You can find following animals on picmybug.com:

Crabs, spiders, beetles, bugs, cicadas, fishes, lizards, snakes, cephalopods, snails, birds, mammals, protists, and even stranger creatures….

You will notice this is not exactly a stunning macro photography website (see my equipment here!). My blog is about some interesting research results, or fun facts about or around animals.

My latest posts:

Ganz großer Dank an meine Frau, die mich seit vielen Jahren unterstützt und begleitet!

My favorite picture at the moment.

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