15 years of cameras

Dear techies, I totally get your point, but sorry, I cannot shine with professional equipment. My story is characterized by economic considerations, lack of information, and the fact that I like to travel light.

Canon EOS 60D, almost going pro!

Additionally, I started looking into photography 15+ years ago, when digital cameras just came up. Now imagine a tiny photoshop having me as the empty-bucket customer, not knowing what I need. Shelves full of analog cameras, while everyone wanted a digital camera. Guess what happened! I got my first and last analog camera of course. That was something around the year 2000. After a few experiments, the Yashica caught dust, while I looked at the new digital camera models. It took some time to find out what I need, and many coins were zoomed on to compare them. Macro mode and Megapixels! My very first digital camera was the Konica Minolta DiMage G530. And it was good! So basically here starts my wildlife safari through the world. After the sensor gave up I got a Canon PowerShot A430, with the beauty of a lesser minimal distance for macros (1cm!). Another damaged sensor later, and with a hunger for MP, I got the FujiFilm Finepix S1800. What a brick! Big, heavy, and with an annoying cap, (not me, the camera!) this Fuji never found its way into my heart. But hey, we are some years later, and now smartphones got nice cameras! Samsung S7, you were what I needed, so small, so easy to use. Then there were a few cameras I just rediscovered while browsing old pictures, like a Sony Cybershot DSC-W290 which was with us in Belize, but has not lasted for long. There might have been some more short-lived cameras, we’ll find out… And lately, Huawei P30 Pro, the right camera for most situations – just in your pocket! In between, I finally learned how to use a DSRL, and the cheap options to get really close to objects.