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Have you seen small children playing with spiders, without any fear, but only with fascination?

My mother has! I was fascinated by all the 8 and more or less-legged animals out there. And also all the ones without legs. Every species out there plays its part in the ecosystem, every animal has its place and it’s amazing capabilities. I kept spiders in plastic boxes when I was young, and I didn’t know what I’m doing. Orb weavers, daddy longlegs, and jumping spiders do not go well together… And no single living being on earth goes well without water. A few years later, I kept exotic animals as pets, and I was taking better care of them. Tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, snakes, cockroaches, fishes, mantis, – once you are in the hobby, you have access to all these animals… I’ve read books and magazines because the internet was yet to be invented! See my Instagram account @namwoub for pictures of my tarantulas, scorpions, and other pets! ThereĀ“re also pictures of my old toys like MOTU, MASK, Dino Riders, Matchbox cars… After traveling to over 15 countries, where I found these “pets” in their habitat, I didn’t like that hobby too much anymore. I realized that captivity must be hell-boring for animals. May it not be of pleasure to run and hide from a hawk as a bearded dragon, I doubt it is a joy for them to sit in a living room without butterflies, flowers, wind, and clouds. A tarantula might not miss the danger of getting attacked by ants, but how about living in a hardly suiting artificial climate, in a plastic box? I encourage you to do your very best to keep your pets not only alive but living!

The intention of picmybug.com is to show animals in their habitat, the place they belong to! You are welcome to learn more about them, together with me. We’ll find out the names and look for interesting research results. Knowledge is key!

This is also my very first website, so the set up in WordPress is also a new challenge for me. Thanks to all the supportive websites like wpbeginner.com!

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