Micrencaustes lunulata – Having tomatoes on the eyes

This picture of a fungus beetle was taken in 2018. It was a good sized beetle, maybe over 2cm, and it has a nice yellow pattern. There are over 3500 species of fungus beetle (Erotylidae). It seems 2000 to 3000 family members is a common size for many insects and arachnids.

I don’t have more on the beetle, but this blog described how I felt some weeks ago, searching for pictures. It means not seeing the obvious. Or not seeing what you don’t expect to see? Tomaten auf den Augen haben!

For so long I was looking for pseudoscorpions, and it was fun to find three of them in a picture taken years ago. They hold on the beetle’s feet using one claw. These tiny arachnids are most likely not able to bring him down. They are rather letting him take them down the way. The term for such behaviour is phoresy, a form of commensalism. That must be very annoying to the beetle! Is that the reason why some jumping spiders love to jump on us?
We have so many species of book scorpions, over 3000, and the ID is impossible for me. In Singapore described is Parahya submerse, but this species lives at the shores, so it can’t be. Nevermind, happy to see you guys. Hoping for more surprises in old pictures!