Heteropoda venatoria – moths love your snot mop!

No need for panic when you find one of those in your house! These large spiders are harmless. The size and the ability to run really fast have the potential to scare people surely. We found this medium-sized, seven-legged specimen in our bathroom behind a towel. Headache gives me the identification. There are over 100 huntsman spiders documented for Indonesia. Our spider is not mature I would guess because of the size and the shape, somehow adult spiders have larger bodies compared to young ones, and the setae, the hair, looks denser. That’s what I think. Unfortunately, there is not much specific pattern on our spider, it is grey-brown with some darker spots. Some color or clearly visible pattern, like a white line, would really make it easier. The most common species (or most common guess on a species?) is Heteropoda venatoria, and it has a white “mustache”. We cannot tell from the angle I took the picture if this spider has a white stache. So I don’t feel confident to tell what spider that is.

For H. venatoria, there is a fun fact: Their white mustache seems attractive for moths, so at night they come close to these spiders and then they often stay for dinner. ShichangZhangaHong-LinChenaKuan-YuChenaJian-JunHuangaChia-ChenChangaDakotaPiorkowskiaChen-PanLiaoaI-MinTsoab found that out in Taiwan. It is cute that they prepared paper dummies with and without a beard, but I’m not exactly a friend of shaving spiders in order to confirm the results. Anyway, great learning and another amazing detail of nature! 

Huntsman spider
Heteropoda venatoria?

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