Salticus scenicus – honey on the fly?

Spiders are killers, they catch living prey, from tiny flies to small reptiles and mammals, even birds, no one is safe. But jumping spiders are also cute. There are tons of super macro pictures (which I cannot provide… sorry!) showing their cute faces. The zebra spider is a very common species in many regions of the northern hemisphere, not only in Europe. It caught a fly (perhaps I should try to identify the fly?) in this nice flower (Cleretum bellidiforme, the Livingstone Daisy). Flowers must be great territories for hunting insects. Some crab spiders (Thomisidae) are specialized to sit in flowers (wait for it!). And isn’t it tempting to slurp some nectar while waiting for something to kill?! Yes right, it has been proven by Robert R. Jackson, Simon D. Pollard, Ximena J. Nelson, G. B. Edwards, and Alberto T. Barrion that jumping spiders (at least all the 90 species tested) drink/ eat nectar! The cute jumping spider has a sweet tooth! I wonder if there are even vegan spiders?! So what if the one in the picture just hides behind the fly, so that we think she eats insects?! But in fact, she’s maybe vegan, drinking nectar like a butterfly?! Why not, go for it little zebra spider, go vegan!

I guess this zebra spider does in fact eat the fly. But maybe she also had dessert?